Scholarship Application Information School Year 2018-2019

Required Documents

An essay of minimum 600 words regarding: Why you should receive this scholarship, what extra work or volunteering activities have you contributed within the past 12 calendar months of outside the regular school curriculum, and why did you choose your degree plan and what do you plan on achieving with this degree plan.  Outside sources must provide a phone number and a name of contact person for verification.

A copy of your current high school or college transcript. Unofficial copies without a dean’s seal is acceptable.  High school report cards are not acceptable.  If you are a graduating high school senior, the letter of acceptance into your college is required in your submission.

Applicant Requirements

Scholarship applicants must provide proof of: Enrollment of general program or post graduate program in your college on a full time basis (minimum credit hours 12).  High school students may also apply with proof of credit hours enrollment.  High school student applying for scholarship must apply using your given college email with your student ID.  All applicants must provide 2 sources of letter of recommendation.  One source of recommendation must be from a current school faculty member of your school (high school or college).  Must be signed with a school stamp seal.  Minimum GPA of 2.5 is required on a 4.0 scale.


All required documents must be attached and submitted via email no later than Central Standard Time 11:59pm March 1st 2018.
All application submitted after Central Standard Time 11:59pm March 1st 2018 will be considered for the second quarter scholarship opportunity Central Standard Time 11:59pm June 1st 2018.

Your email.  Your permanent home address.  Your phone number.


Start Date: October 1st 2018

End Date: Central Standard Time 11:59pm March 1st 2018

Winners Announce Date: April 1st 2018

$2,200.  One applicants will be chosen.

Applications should be submitted to:

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