Water Damage Flooded House?

You Get The Most Back If You Preserve and Protect What’s Left

If you do not wish to do any repairs on your flooded house, sell your house to Home Buyer Houston on your terms and avoid the hassle of repairs, realtors, and months of uncertainty. Get a Fair “AS-IS” Cash Offer. You choose your flexible closing date.

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Tips on How To Sell a Flood House

You Get The Most Back If You Preserve and Protect What’s Left

At Home Buyer Houston, we know how to prevent further damages toward your flooded house and we are going to show you exactly how!  You must prevent further damage to your house after the flood to preserve as much value as you can so that we can offer you more for your house!

1. Cut Out the Flooded Walls

Yes, we mean it.  You need to let the moisture inside of your walls escape.  If you do not, moisture will rot your wood beams and create mold.  Tragedy happened, but the thing we must do now is to prevent further damage.  Mold will not only completely depreciate the rest of your house and it might render the whole house a complete tear down.

2. Use Tarp to Cover Any Holes on the Roof

The strong wind from the hurricane might have blown some pieces of shingle of your roof away or heavy rain might have damaged your roof all together.  Get a tarp from your local hardware store and cover the holes in your roof.  During the course of drying your flooded house you want to keep water from finding its way into your house more.

3. Keep the House Ventilated

Turn your air conditioning on and together with dehumidifiers you want to remove as much moisture from the air as you can.  Keep the air saturation point in your house low so that more moisture from the walls and the floor can be further dried up.  Don’t just have the fan on, turn the air conditioning on and let it do its job.

4. Tear Out the Carpet

This may sound simple, but most homeowners do not do this.  Your carpet at this point cannot be salvaged and cannot simply be “shampooed”.  The sponge and cushions inside your carpet can absorb up to 20lbs of water per 4×4 sqft.  Cut your loses and get rid of the soaked carpet.

5. Call Home Buyer Houston.  Sell Your Flooded Home.

A Home Home Buyer Houston, we offer Fair “AS-IS” Cash Offer. We believe in a win-win situation.  You can avoid the hassle of repairs, realtors, and months of uncertainty.

We Can Also Buy (Full Price on Terms)

“Sell My Flood Home As-Is Any Condition”

  • Leaking Roof, Damaged Roof, Shingles Missing

  • Water Damaged Walls, Flooded Walls, Moisture Creating Mildew & Mold

  • Backed Up Drainage, Burst Pipe Damage

  • Flood Clean Up

  • Home Insurance Does Not Cover Flood Damage, No Home Insurance

  • Flood Damage Repair Cost, Cannot Repair a Flooded Home

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