The Benefits of Working with a Home Investor

Why Work with an Investor

There’s a fast and easy way of selling your house today. It’s not the traditional way in which you engage the service of a realtor. Instead, you work with a home investor. They go to your house, make an inspection and offer you a deal. You don’t have to wait long or do anything with the house. They will buy it just the way it is.

Home investors are quick to give you a buy offer, but you have to realize that they don’t offer the highest price for your house. What they offer is the best price you can get in the shortest possible time. They then fix the house, physically and legally, and then resell it.  Here are the benefits you can get when dealing with a home investor:

Sales Deal Closed in 24 Hours or Less

Home investors usually offer a deal within 24 hours after inspecting the property. Sometimes offers are made immediately after a quick inspection. But you don’t have to accept it if you’re not comfortable with the price offered. You can still make a counter-offer or refuse the deal. What’s important is you don’t have to wait long for an offer.

House is Bought “As-Is”

This is one of the major benefits of selling to a home investor. You don’t have to do extensive repairs to make the house look presentable. Even legal issues will not discourage the investors from getting the house off your hands. You won’t get the market price but you’re free from facing the expensive repairs and legal problems.

You Receive Cash after Deal is Closed

Sales made thru bank financing take a few months before homeowners can get the cash. There are also instances where buyers will back out after weeks or months of negotiation. But with home investors, the cash or the check is handed almost immediately after sealing the deal.

You Save On Commission Costs

Realtors typically charge a commission fee for selling your house. It’s a necessary expense in the traditional real estate sale. But there are no commission fees when working with home investors. Realtors are merely agents of the buyer while home investors are the actual buyers.

A Better Alternative to Foreclosure

When your house is on the brink of foreclosure, selling to a home investor is a viable solution. Instead of having trouble keeping up with the mortgage payment, you get cash instead. There is also the chance that the home investor will let you rent the property. Losing your home is not easy but at least the cash can help you get back on your feet.

Home investors are faster than the traditional realtors in closing sales. The offer price is definitely lower than the market value but you don’t have to wait too long for it.  Deals are closed after one day or less and you receive the payment in cash after the signing of documents. Since you are dealing with direct buyers, no commission fees are paid. Selling to home investors could also save you from foreclosure and the legal troubles it brings.

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